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Opens: Oct. 21st

Starring:    Christian Bale . Margot Robbie . John David Washington . Alessandro Nivola . Andrea Riseborough,
Anya Taylor-Joy . Chris Rock . Matthias Schoenaerts , Michael Shannon . Mike Myers . Taylor Swift . Zoe Saldaña,
Rami Malek   and  Robert De Niro

Written and Directed by:  David O'Russell 
Rated (R) 

Three close friends find themselves at the center of one of the most secret plots in American history.



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Opens:  November 23rd 

Starring:    Glenn Powell . Jonathan Majors . Joe Jonas 
Rated (PG-13)
Run Time - 2 hrs. 18 min. 

Devotion, an aerial war epic based on the bestselling book of the same name, tells the harrowing true story of two elite US Navy fighter pilots during the Korean War. Their heroic sacrifices would ultimately make them the Navy's most celebrated wingmen.